Things to send in email lists

Who doesn’t love receiving goodies in their emails? I know I do love the mail lists I’m subscribed to and also I would like to start sharing some love in a mail list of my own. Today I’m sharing with you a few ideas of what can be sent in an email list.

Useful goodies such as free download, worksheets or e-books. These can be materials that you personally developed or you can partner with someone who is specialized in designing and developing these products and share them with your subscribers.
  • Let people know more about you and how your blog comes to life. You can always share a few photos that feature a behind-the-scenes look at your life, blogging process or business.
  • Income reports? These can me a bit tricky and at least I get a bit stressed if I let people know how much I’m earning per month; instead you can explain how your sponsored posts work ;)
  • Traffic / Growth reports are always interesting because they let you know more about the blog you love reading and also about what are the audience habits at that period.
  • An extra, exclusive blog post. Because why not? It’s a really nice thing to give our subscribers a little extra thing because the mail list is just for a few valuable readers and if they are showing so much interest on what you do, you can spoil them a little with exclusive posts every once a while.
  • Are you preparing a surprise for your subscribers or want to tell them about the amazing trip you’re about to do? You can always send kind reminders and exciting news to your subscriber within the newsletter; it doesn’t matter if you do it weekly or monthly.
  • Promoting your blog isn’t only about the new stuff you’re publishing; sharing some of your old blog posts is always useful because people get to read some of your previous work. They might be new subscribers and have read just the most recent posts. It is also a good idea to let them know what your most recent post is or will be about and share the most popular blog posts during that week or month.

Do you have more ideas about things to send in email lists? Share them in the comments! :)


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