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Hosting giveaways is a great way to increase traffic, raise brand awareness and attract potential new customers or readers; it is also a great way to celebrate if you have already achieved one of your blogging goals. First things first, a giveaway is a promotion or contest in which prizes are given to a random winner; in the blogging world the most accurate term for these activities is: Sweepstakes.

If you’re hosting a promotion with prizes you must have Official Rules or Terms and Conditions – most importantly, these should be easy to understand and easy to find! It might seem like a chore, but writing thorough rules is essential – get them right first time and you can use them as a template for future giveaways, saving time in the long run. Remember that we are not allowed to ask for required considerations such as “Follow these blogs via mail”, “Follow me on twitter and retweet my last tweet”; in fact the only mandatory entry that is safe to require in your giveaways is something like this: “Leave a comment bellow telling me about your favourite activities to do during the summer”. It is important to protect ourselves and the contestants when we are hosting a contest.

Before publishing any giveaway it’s important to think about the prize, it should be something that fits your readers and audience profile. Try to collaborate with a fellow blogger, it might bring more work to be done but you’ll be able to give a better prize if you buy it together. Make the giveaway last for a while: the more it lasts, the more entries you’ll receive. Set up your goals and entries. Promote it using all your social media channels and among people you know. It is always useful to use external websites to boost your giveaway; Giveaway Monkey is only $3 and is a very popular platform within bloggers. It is important to promote your giveaway once again on the last remaining days to get more entries.

Official rules must state:

  • “No purchase is necessary to participate”.
  • Eligibility requirements –age, residence, etc.
  • Duration of the contest and if there are any deadlines.
  • Specific prize description plus its monetary value.
  • Odds of winning (sometimes blogging giveaways don’t have specific odds of winning so you should protect yourself stating something as “the number of entries received determine the odds of winning”).
  • How to enter.
  • How and when the winners will be selected.
  • Liability release (you don’t want to get sued!)
  • What will you do if the prize is forfeited or unclaimed?
  • Who is responsible for paying any taxes related to the prize?
  • You have rights to obtain and publicize the winners name or user name.
  • ALWAYS include: “Void where prohibited by law”.

Do you have any other tips for hosting a giveaway? Have you ever hosted one? If so, what was your experience?


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