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Apps have become a part of our life since technology started to take over the activities we do and how we do them. Most of young people can’t leave home without our phones and that’s a reason why I want to share what my favorite apps are right now.


I love taking photos (with my phone or camera) and this app is just a great way to share memorable moments of your life, or just the selfie of the day. The filters might not be the best in life but they can enhance your photos pretty well if they’re applied correctly. I love finding new stuff to try and apps (sometimes) while scrolling down on the discover page.


This app explains itself; I’m a blogger and I hope to become a writer in a few years… That’s why Twitter is a must have in my phone; I enjoy how challenging it is to express an idea in just 140 characters! It’s also a great platform to help your inner writer come out and improve your skills.


DIY’s, cute clothes, awesome shoes, crafts and cool content from awesome blogs… What else can you ask from an app like this? I’m a huge Pinterest fan because it has literally helped me to find new blogs and develop a lot of ideas for personal projects.


As much as I love Instagram, there’s always an extra tool needed to make photos really cool and this is one of the tools I like using the most. It is user friendly and you can do anything from subtle changes to a real piece of art. It has the option of sharing your creation directly on Instagram and some other social platforms, including Whatsapp.

My little app

This one is such a simple but so great app at the same time because who doesn’t like waking up to a cute surprise or cool content in their phone? It delivers everyday a little surprise for you from cool wallpapers to recipes and history lessons, cool history lessons. I’ve collected some of their wall papers and recipes for my own use and I got to say that I really enjoy what this app has to offer even though it simple.


I’m not a girl who shows her life through snapchat because let’s face it: I have kind of a boring life; but I enjoy watching cool kids’ stories and sending silly photos to my best friend since they get deleted after a few seconds and we have a no screenshots deal. I bet Snapchat is a really cool platform to share a lot of cool stuff but there’s still a lot that I have to learn yet.


Netflix is bae and that’s why I have it in my phone. I use it whenever I’m way too lazy to get my computer from the desk and turn it on, so I just watch an episode or two while I’m lying on bed. Other moments when I use Netflix on my phone are when I’m at Starbucks waiting for someone or when I just need some time alone drinking a coffee and there’s free Wi-Fi. It’s the best time killer app because it also keeps me on track with my favorite series.


The best blogger network I’ve ever visited! I love bloglovin’ because it allows me to follow my favorite blogs, share my own content, save interesting articles I’ve enjoyed or want to read later. It’s also a great way of finding new blogs to read amazing content and discovering new styles, products and hacks.


There’s no day I go without listening to music; on my way to the office, while I’m working, on the way back home, every time I move around the city. Spotify is pretty much a part of my life with music, the premium plan is such a data saver because I have my favorite tracks available offline.


In case you’re wondering why this app is in my favorites list, I don’t edit my face with this app. I use Facetune to brighten up some dark shoots which usually are general photos I want to look better. It really can transform an average photo into a beautiful one and that’s why I enjoy using it before uploading something to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

What are your favorite apps? Let me know in the comments below!


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