How to write without going insane

Writing can be quite overwhelming, especially when you know that you need to write something but are lacking of inspiration. I have been there myself and I have been developing a better routine to avoid those stressful moments when I need to write but I don’t know what to write about.
I hope that my tips can help you and let me know if there’s anything else you do or know to write without going insane.

Write every day.

Writing at least one paragraph per day will help you a lot in several ways. You will create your content without being in a rush to get things done and it will also help you to develop the ability of writing without stressing when you start. I found out that after writing every day, I’ve improved my writing not only for the blog but for my job in both English and Spanish.

Establish a routine.

Routine = Organization. Routines can be boring but when it comes to writing they are the best partner you can ask for. Having a routine can help you to know what you will do each day and have everything on track.
Remember: Organization is the key to success.

Start a swipe file.

You might be asking what a swipe file is... I learnt it a few weeks ago and I kinda love it. It’s a spreadsheet where you write all your blog post ideas and you can organize them by topics but if you’re the old school type like I am, you can use a notebook that will be used only for your blog.

I have both, the swipe file and my notebook because I have different ideas on both of them, so if one day I run out of the topics I’ve written down on my notebook I can refer to my swipe file or my 365Blog Topic Ideas book which happens to be really useful as well.

Create an editorial calendar.

Organization + Routine = Editorial Calendar.
An editorial calendar will help you to get everything in order so your blogging journey runs smoothly. A few topics that I have included to my editorial calendar are: Brainstorming (new topics and ideas are always welcome), writing, editing texts, editing photos (which includes looking for them in my stock or taking them), social media, schedule the blog post if needed.
In the last couple of months I have skipped the social media part but I’ve committed myself to be doing everything I’ve written in my editorial calendar through 2016 to improve my blog.

Unplug at least one day a week.

Unplugging can be one of my favourite parts of my writing process. We are living in a world where everything is digital and it seems like our life depends on Internet access so taking one day away from social media (Facebook, Twitter. Instagram, Whatsapp, etcetera) is relieving.
I usually do it during the weekend because it’s the time of the week when I can forget completely about work. While I’m unplugged I write anything I’m inspired to in the corresponding notebook, it can be the blogging one or my general ideas/stories notebook. I can tell that my best works have come out from my unplugged days because there’s nothing that can stop me from writing. I really think everyone should take a day away from technology, no matter if you’re a writer or not.

What is your own strategy to succeed at wtiting? Let me know in the comments below :)


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