18 questions for your 'About' page

Writing your 'About' page can be complicated, that's why today I'm helping you with 18 questions that will be useful to start building a better 'About' page.

  1. Why do you do what you do?
  2. How would you describe your own work?
  3. Why did you choose the kind of materials you're currently working with?
  4. What makes your work personal to you?
  5. Who taught you how to perform your art or craft?
  6. What are common responses you get from people about your work?
  7. What life experiences shaped you as an artist?
  8. When do you feel most inspired?
  9. Did you set goals for yourself? Have you met any?
  10. Is there any achievement in your creative life you're very proud of?
  11. What skills are you currently learning to master, or are on your to-do list?
  12. What are your dreams for the future?
  13. Where do you live? Is it an inspiring place?
  14. What are some funny random facts about you?
  15. Where do you like to spend most of your time?
  16. Do you accept commissioned work or custom orders?
  17. What are other things, next to creating, do you enjoy in life?
  18. Did you win any competitions with your work?
Hope you find these questions useful. Let me know if they helped you or if you have different ones :)


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