28-day Teatox: The Experience

Welcome to my experience!

Hello guys! So, I finished my 28 day Teatox Challenge and here goes a quick summary of how it went. I purchased my Tiny Tea back in July but due to a little problem with my address and the so slow mail service in Mexico, I got it until mid August; that’s why I decided I would start on September. I was really excited about doing it because I've watched so many good reviews about Tiny Tea and teatox in general so I wanted to give it a try; it was a bit expensive but definitely worth the money I invested on it. I will be honest with you guys, I didn't weight myself or anything like that; it’s not that I don’t care about my weigh but I don’t wanted to do this experience all about losing weight. This was more about feeling healthy and comfortable with my digestion which tends to be super slow.
Before teatox came into my life, my stomach tended to bloat a lot and my digestion was just awful; as I started drinking Tiny Tea I could notice a difference on how I felt after every single meal and next morning I just had the happiest tummy ever! My stomach hasn't bloated at all since I started the teatox challenge even thought I paused it on 15th and 16th because we celebrated the  Mexican Independence Day; after eating pozole at night, my stomach wasn't bloated at all!
On the 17th I started with my teatox once again and I was feeling really comfortable with everything about it; I heard some people felt cramps with it but mine were completely gone and I didn't experience them at all.
I didn't notice any changes in my weight but it was because I didn't have enough time to be exercising everyday; I just did it on my not so busy days so no complains there. I want to do a teatox once again because I still am seeing the results from it in my stomach and digestion; I've tried to stay in a healthy eating plan but there are days when I just cant and eat junk food which hasn't made me bloat!
If someone asked me if I would recommend Tiny Tea, my answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! It has been one of the best decisions I've made when it comes to my health and I'm not regretting it ever; in fact I'll try to do it as much as possible but I'm going to try more brands because this one was pretty expensive for me and my shopping problems.

Hopefully you'll see new posts on teatox and detox soon,

Have you ever tried teatox? Let me know about your experience in the comments.


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