28-day Teatox: Day 5

Welcome to day 5!

Saturday is one of my favourite days in the week because I don't have to wake up early nor sleep early as I do on weekdays.
Today was a pretty special day: I started using my Snapchat properly and I finally received my college degree in Communications so that I’m officially graduated from college and a professional in such a beautiful career.
Let’s get to our business... I woke up early and had my Tiny Tea, and then I took a shower and got dressed, went downstairs to have breakfast: one egg and some green tea. After breakfast I went back to my room to do my makeup and hair.
I continued doing some stuff that I had to do, such as reading because I just enjoy reading when I have some home alone time. A couple hours later I went to college to collect all my documents and came back home to drink my second tea.
I went for a really healthy and vegan option to eat; I chose some carrot soup and a salad which contains carrots, jicama, cranberries, apple, lettuce, kale and spinach. It was so yummy and the best of eating vegan is that I can eat as much as I want without feeling bloated or worrying about my digestion getting slow.
My parents wanted to celebrate that I’m officially a professional of Comms and invite me to a dinner so I had my last tea around 6:30 in the afternoon, before leaving home and we went straight to the restaurant. There, I asked for their light menu and chose ricotta quesadillas and iced coffee;  it was a heavier dinner than the ones I’ve been having this week (and almost every day before teatox) but it was really worth it since today was a special day not only for me but my family.
One extra thing that I’ve noticed with teatox is that my cramps are completely gone (it might be TMI); I’ve never been a girl who suffers of really bad cramps but there are months when they decide to bother me and that has stopped with the tea; I don’t know if it has to do with the tea mix or if it’s also a physiologic thing but the fact that I don’t have cramps is just lovely.
Teatox has definitely been improving my days so far :)

Have you ever tried teatox? Let me know about your experience in the comments.


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