28-day Teatox: Day 3

Welcome to day 3!

I know it's already day 4, but yesterday was a CHAOTIC day! And I'm not exaggerating things, it was a very busy and rainy day which brought with it a lot of traffic that had me stuck on my way home for more than 3 hours, insane!
So...Less chit-chat and let’s talk about my third day with Teatox.
My day started pretty early as every single week day and I had my cup of tea right before hoping in the shower so I could make the best out of my morning time. After I got ready, I had breakfast and it was a delicious plate full of fruit with granola cereal and a fresh orange juice (YUMMY!).
I had a really great energy all day long due to the far that I was rushing all over the office and then the city to get to an event that got cancelled half an hour before it was supposed to start. So around 2:00 in the afternoon I went for my second mug full of tea and it was just really good because the day was pretty cold. I had a nice meal but I must accept that I’m guilty because I had some enchiladas and jelly as dessert, it’s just that I was so caught up in writing some stuff that came to my head that I needed an excuse not to leave the restaurant before my mind was completely emptied into the paper.
As I got home it was way too late to drink the tea and then wait for dinner; also the box says you shouldn’t drink it way too late at night. So I had to skip it and go direct for dinner which as a mug of green tea with some strawberries.
It was a crazy Thursday but I managed to survive and stick up to as much healthy options as I could throughout the day.

Have you ever tried teatox? Let me know about your experience in the comments.


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