28-day Teatox: Day 28

Welcome to day 28!

Today was my last day of Teatox and it was a really good day. I started really early drinking my first cup of tea and took a shower right after it; the morning was cold and rainy so I decided to war warm leggings and an oversized sweater. It was kind of a lazy day because I worked from home, which gave me more time to eat a proper breakfast which consisted on fruit salad, yoghurt and black coffee; after breakfast I brushed my teeth and prepared the space where I would be working, wrote a To-Do list for the day and signed into the office system.
I was pretty busy all morning and I was so concentrated in my activities that I didn0t even noticed that there was an earthquake in the city; I knew until my brother knocked on the door and told me he was about to call me because he thought I was in the office and wanted to make sure if I was alright. I talked to him for about five minutes and came back upstairs to continue working, so he followed me and sat on my bed so we could talk while I was working on some designs. Around 2:30 I drank my second teacup and waited for my parents in order to have a family lunch on Wednesday which isn’t really easy to achieve on workdays. I had vegetable soup and salad for lunch with a nice glass of cold plain water; right after lunch I went back to finish up the last things I had to do and plan my evening.
After work I dedicated my time to looking at some clothes my brother photographed because his wife will send them and told him what I liked but that I needed to decide on what to buy because I just can’t buy half of the items. After that, I got a new template for my blog and installed it as soon as possible, worked on making it look nice and neat and adding new things that I didn’t have with the last template. And I really love how my page looks now!
I went to the kitchen to boil water for my last tea at 7:00 and started drinking it until 7:25 because it was much hotter than I can handle. At 8:15 I had dinner: green salad and carrot juice. After eating, I came to my room to take my makeup off, wash my face and write this blog while I have the TV as a background because I’m waiting for Scream Queens repetition to start.
Tomorrow I will write a special post talking about my general experience with teatox. Keep tuned!

Have you ever tried teatox? Let me know about your experience in the comments.

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