28-day Teatox: Day 27

Welcome to day 27!

I am so close to the last day of my teatox and I definitely can say it’s been an amazing month for my tummy!! So today I fell asleep (as always!) so I rushed into the shower and picked quick and boring cozy clothes since it was raining and I didn’t have enough time to think about putting together an outfit. I did my makeup and hair and went downstairs to get my tiny Tea in a tumbler and prepare a sandwich for the way to the office.
I got right in the car and started drinking my tea to arm up my body and listened to my favorite music in the car; since it was a rainy morning every single road was slow and that made me get to the office until 10:00 and gave me enough time to eat my sandwich before getting there. As soon as I arrived, I got right into working and then decided I needed a coffee to warm up since I decided not to wear an extra jacket (I regretted it!).
My day was pretty busy, just like every time a month is coming to an end because it’s time for reports and numbers, lots of numbers. I drank my second teacup around 2:00, before a meeting (not the best idea) and went out to grab some lunch until 3:30. Since I needed to come back for another meeting at 4:00, I chose a quick option because I forgot to make my lunch last night; I went for a vegetarian subway, the quickest option around there. I left the office around 5:00 and had the most boring trip back to home since I ran out of data in my phone which means I will be a Wi-Fi hunter until Friday (NOT COOL D:).
So I got home pretty fast and drank my last cup of tea around 7:00 and prepared some cottage cheese quesadillas for dinner. I ate dinner and prepared tomorrow’s salad before coming upstairs to my room and writing this blog post feeling warm and cozy in pajamas and covered with the best blanket I’ve ever had.

Have you ever tried teatox? Let me know about your experience in the comments.


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