28-day Teatox: Day 26

Welcome to day 26!

I can’t believe I'm two days away from finishing my Teatox and I can tell my stomach has changed a lot. I haven’t noticed any weight loss but I don’t see any problem with it since I am committed on keeping this healthy diet until the rest of my life (OK, maybe not the rest of my life but a really long time). Today I woke up an hour late after telling myself “just 10 minutes and I’ll take a shower”; I drank my Tiny Tea and ran into the shower. My mom was a lovely person and brought me a little bowl with yogurt and granola cereal to my room so I ate something while getting ready; I was ready in a record time and ran to the kitchen to get all my stuff in a cute Sephora bag –who carries food in a Sephora bag? ME!-.
My way to the office was so long and slow as it always is but today was exceptional, I really thought I would be so late to the Monday morning meeting and got there at 10:00 sharp! I ran upstairs and chose a desk near a window and started looking for my keys which I happened to leave on the desk last Friday and a nice friend kept them during the weekend and gave them to me as I arrived; then I realized the meeting got cancelled because half of the team would be out of the office for the day. As I was working I ate some guavas, plums and grapes. We had a farewell “party” at 1:00 and I drank my second teacup while we all were there; after almost an hour of talking and mingling I went back to work and took out my meal: carrot, jicama and cucumber; today I decided not to eat meat since I ate it on the weekend.
Today I had my eyelashes appointment at 5:00 so I had to leave the office before 4:00 to make it on time. I took the train and then a taxi; spent two hours with my eyes closed while I was getting the lash extensions glued to my eyes and called my brother to take me back home. I got home just in time for dinner so I drank my last cup of tea with my mom while she was eating her dinner and watched TV until dinner time came for me; I ate some grilled cheese with tomatoes and went to my room to write this blog post and wash my face.

Have you ever tried teatox? Let me know about your experience in the comments.


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