28-day Teatox: Day 24

Welcome to day 24!

It’s Saturday and that means a lazy day full of car trips; today is one of those days when I feel really lazy to do a lot of things and that includes getting all dressed up. I started my day with a cup of Tiny Tea followed by a shower; I got dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast which consisted in apples with yoghurt. I went upstairs once again because I wasn't really convinced with my outfit choices since the day seemed to be chilly outside; I changed my clothes about three times and straightened my hair. As I said before I felt way too lazy to do all the stuff I usually do so I just moisturized my face and added a bit of translucent powder to avoid a shiny face.
I got in the car and thanks to the rain it took me two hours to get to my cousin’s house and I was more than starving, as I arrived we ate lunch so I had my second teacup after meal; I know this isn't the best way of drinking the Tiny Tea but I was so hungry that I couldn't wait 30 minutes more to eat. Since it rained all day and night long we decided to have a Netflix marathon full of healthy snacks like carrots, jicama, cucumber and all that kind of food. It was around 8:00 that I drank my last tea and prepared grilled cheese for dinner.
We planned staying up all night watching movies but I'm pretty sure we will fall asleep on the floor anytime soon.

Have you ever tried teatox? Let me know about your experience in the comments.


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