28-day Teatox: Day 22

Welcome to day 22!

I seriously don’t know what a lazy day is anymore but I’m not complaining about it; I’m really happy to know that my days are so full of activities and things to do even though there are times when I miss my lazy life from a year ago. Oh well, I’m not here to talk about how much I miss being lazy and all that kind of procrastination hahaha.
Today I started pretty early with my teatox followed by a n ice and warm shower, then I realized I spent so much time at the kitchen that I needed to hurry up in order to get out of my place at the right time to avoid as much transit as I could. That meant that I had to eat my sandwich on my way to work and plan in my head how my day would be and the priority of my activities. I spent quite a lot of time planning the content grid for the office’s website during the rest of the year because I need extra organization in such a busy period since I’m not only doing business as usual but managing some other projects. I had three hours of meetings in my agenda and they were right in the middle of my usual lunch time, so I decided to have my second teacup during the last meeting (even if some people find its smell a bit gross) and as soon as we finished talking I went to get some lunch. It was already late and I needed to finish some stuff pretty soon so I had a vegetarian subway to end up with the hunger and have a “healthy” option among the junk food.
I ran out of the office at 5:00 and had lots of luck since I got home in just 45 minutes which was this week’s record. I watched some TV until 7:00 and drank my last tea and prepared some salad for dinner; I ate dinner at 8:00 and went upstairs to choose my clothes for dress down Friday because who doesn’t love just going in jeans to work?
I’m really thankful for busy days but some rest wouldn’t be bad right now.

Have you ever tried teatox? Let me know about your experience in the comments.


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