28-day Teatox: Day 15

Welcome to day 15!

Hey guys, I declare myself guilty! I know today is 17th and I’m uploading the post as if it were day 15. But it was Mexican Independence Day and there were lots of yummy Mexican food and I just couldn’t resist! So I put my teatox on hold because I would just be easier haha.
After eating pozole two days in a row (OOPS!) I started my teatox again today. It was a pretty messy day because I started everything late! After I rushed getting ready for work, I ran downstairs and prepared my Tiny Tea in a Starbucks tumbler so I could drink it in middle of the traffic and prepared a sandwich with lots of lettuce.
I made it to the office until 10:00 and I decided not to have a snack since I had my breakfast later than usually. After a meeting I had at 1:00 I prepared my second tea and went to buy a salad so it would be nice and tasty by the time I came back. I ate my salad while I was working, not the best habit but necessary when you have a lot of work.
I went home until 5:00 and since it was raining a lot, I made it to my house until 7:00 (poor me) and I had my last cup of tea immediately. I found apricots while drinking tea so I decided I would have them for dinner and started slicing my apricots and putting them into a bowl and brought everything with me to my room. Around 8:00 I started eating my apricots while looking for Halloween custom ideas because I’m already figuring out what I will be this year.
My comeback to teatox was pretty successful if I look back to how I started my day.

Have you ever tried teatox? Let me know about your experience in the comments.


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