28-day Teatox: Day 12

Welcome to day 12!

What a busy and long Saturday I had; I woke up a lot earlier than I use to on weekends. I took a shower and went to the kitchen to boil some water and prepared my Tiny Tea which I drank while doing my makeup and hair. Right before leaving home I filled a tupper with mango and apple to eat on the go because I was running a bit late. Transit was on my side this morning because I was able to cross the city in less than an hour and made it early to the museum I was going to work at for an exhibition opening.
The previous talk and opening went really well and people were pretty satisfied with the work that was shown in the gallery; as we finished the whole protocol event I went for a walk with a friend and we got some coffee and explored a couple of cool stores. We spent about two hours just touring the neighborhood and playing with some dogs we found on the park when it was time to go because both of us had different plans for our day; she gave me a ride to the subway and I got on my way to my cousin’s house to get something to eat before I arrived to her place, that meant that I couldn’t have my second tea but I went for a healthy option: grilled chicken with lots of salad and natural orange water with no extra sugar. As I got to my cousin’s we decided to watch movies and we drank tea while watching them, in my case it was my Tiny Tea. She made hotcakes for dinner so I just had one with no topping (I was craving lots of honey on it but I really controlled myself); a few time after dinner I went back to home and traffic was awful which made me get home at almost midnight, being all tired, grumpy and sleepy. I went straight to bed as soon as I published this entry.

Have you ever tried teatox? Let me know about your experience in the comments.


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