28-day Teatox: Day 1

Welcome to day 1!

Today was my first day trying Tiny Tea and what I can say after drinking one cup is that it tastes really good to me, I added just a bit of agave sweetener to my cup and voilĂ !
I realised that I felt with more energy than I usually do in mornings and that's something really good; I still felt hungry because I just eat a lot of fruit for breakfast but nothing I couldn't handle.
During the day I felt really well and when the time for the second tea came, I was just excited to prepare my mug as fast as I could :) After lunch I noticed I wasn't sleepy as I tend to be after I ate lunch and that was such a good thing because a long day was still ahead from me; I had no cravings after meal and that was really exciting!
Night finally came and I drank my tea as soon as I got home so I could still have a light dinner before bed because the traffic was so bad that it took me longer than usual to arrive (that's why I'm publishing this entry so late). I had a very light dinner which consisted on fruit basically, some grapes, half an apple and a small banana.
I'm already looking forward for the next days with my teatox!

Have you ever tried teatox? Let me know about your experience in the comments.


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