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Since I've been a little bit sick these last days and I haven't had energy enough to try new products, I'll talk about some samples that I got at Sephora the last time I went shopping.

As said at the beginning of this blog post, these are some samples I got at Sephora the last time I went shopping, specifically last June 29th. I got four products to try out and I din't lose any-time before starting to use them. So lets get started with the review!


I got a really nice-looking card from Marc Jacobs Beauty with to of their newest products: Genius Gel and Remedy Concealer.
I decided to try them the following day since I had a trip to a very warm but humid place, nothing like the city I live in. The Genius Gel has a really good coverage and it's easy to blend in the skin; it made my skin feel hydrated and fresh all day long. On the other hand, the Remedy Concealer came a little bit dark for my skin but I managed to use it in the best way possible; I enjoyed it a lot because it covered my dark circles in a practically perfect way.
They both are very high-end products and they're definitely worth its cost but I wouldn't purchase them for a everyday use, only for special events where I would need to look flawless.


The next product I tried once I came back to the office after a week-long holiday was the Make up Forever Step 1 Skin equalizer - Hydrating primer. It's nothing like any other primers I've tried before; it doesn't have that silicon texture that most primers have. It's more like a gel that makes your skin feel really fresh and hydrated. I use it after moisturizing my face and I end up with a much more fresh skin. It helps my foundation and concealer not to break and crease; it might not make my make-up last for a longer time but it has better results when I mix it with my translucent powder and setting spray. It's not a really big product but it lasts long, I've been using my sample size for more than three weeks from Monday to Friday and I still have product left! Definitely recommended for a not-silicon primer.


The last product I got is not for my hair texture; its the Curl defining styling cream. I've tried it on my mom's hair and I gotta say that her curls look amazingly beautiful when she's wearing it and I've tried it before curling my hair with a flat iron or curling wand. My curls really last all day long when I use the cream and I love it because my hair tends to go all flat after a couple hours. In all honesty I didn't know this brand and didn't check how much it is but I'm definitely going after it in my next visit to Sephora. An useful product for the two girls of the house and specially for those times when I want my hair to look flawlessly curled on those days when I have to attend an event after office hours.

Which products have you tried? Let me know your opinion on the comments below and don't forget to share because sharing is caring! xx


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