Tips for better Instagram photos this summer

We all love to see beautiful photos in our Instagram feed. Here are some tips so you can get nice photos in your profile too.

Let the tips begin!

  • Sunglasses off
We all know that shades make us look super trendy on sunny summer days. But when it comes to a selfie, all your followers (and those who aren't following you yet) want to see those beautiful eyes of yours. Remember that everyone will be able to see your arms reflected on the glass.
  • Shoot out of focus -on purpose
Do you love those #artistic and #prettyyyyy light photos? This kind of photos has some tricks in order to get achieved, it's way much easier when you have a DSLR camera BUT you can do it with any other camera. All you need to do is hold the focus down on something super close-up until the AE/AF symbol appears. Click and TADAAAA!
  • A covet-worthy closet
I know how comfy you feel in jeans & -shirts because I do too! Fact is, you've gotta up your wardrobe game if you're serious about scoring some double-taps. Start by adding patterns and pops of colour to stand out of the crowd.
  • Geolocation
Geotagging your photos can help you to outstand in the area where you are uploading your photo; it means visibility instantly to people who are interested in that place. Let's assume that you will geotag your photo if it is at least minimally interesting to begin with.
  • Beach legs
The Hot-Dog Legs Tumblr has already done a fine job raising awareness of this blight in humanity but let's be clear: you don't need to snap a beachside photo of your knees so everyone knows you're on vacations.  - That means you'll avoid to annoy your Instagram followers -
  • Don't over.edit your photos
Editing your photos and making it look prettier but don't exaggerate the use of filters. You need to find the balance between adding a filter and making some changes here and now. Sometimes, the overuse of filters and editing tools completely change the original photo and you might end up looking as someone else. Remember you embrace yourself and you are beautiful no matter what, filters are okay but changing us into someone completely different isn't.
  • #Selfie
Selfie overload = disillusioned followers. And the same rule goes to hashtags.
It's completely acceptable to upload a selfie once or twice a week but not every single day. Selfies are good to let people know how you look but you should also share some other things you enjoy in life, like your pets!
  • #Foodporn
Most Instagram #food photos are super mouth-watering (scream yummy!). In order to achieve this, you should take some time to shoot your meals from different angles until you find the perfect one! P.S. Do not blame me for cold food.
  • Get the right exposure
Exposure is the KEY to a successful photo scenery. If you want a specific object to stand out from the rest of the landscape (outdoor photography) you should make sure that the clouds and the sky aren't too bright (overexposed) and at the same time that you don't want to lose details in the darker areas. The aim is to find the right balance between the exposure of the sky and the landscape. (It takes lots of practice to achieve that kind of #perfect landscape photography).
  • #NoFilter #Nomakeup
Whenever you want to be part of this trendy on your Instagram feed, try to rest enough and wait until you are a bit more awake than you are when you have just opened your eyes and thrown the covers away. It's way  more believable when you go for a morning selfie with a n awake and fresh looking face.

Do you have more tips for better photos? If so, share them on the comments!!


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