Productive mornings

The very first hours of the day determine your performance throughout the day. Make up a routine to help your brain and body to wake up. Here are some suggestions of actions to start having better mornings.

  • Administrate your energy, not your time.
What kind of energy do you have in the morning?
Which activity gets along better with that kind of energy you have?
We are all about energy, not time. That’s why I find it easier to administrate my energy and decide which activities are the ones I can do the best  in the first hours after starting up with my usual days.

  • Get ready the night before.
Set some minutes apart to organise your to-do list.
It’s not about staying up until very late to figure out what you have to do the next day. If you keep organised every single day, it’ll be easier for you to get ready all the stuff you will need next day so you can get ready faster and you won’t be running late. Another tip for this situation is to plan up what your week will be like in terms of outfits, makeup and food on Sunday; Sundays are for resting but they are also for planning to have an easier and relaxed week.

  • Don’t open your mail until its past 12:00pm.
Morning is to do the most important things.
Unless your job requires you to have your mail opened 8 hours straight, try to focus on those pending activities from your to-do list before you open your inbox to see what else is coming down to your list. I usually do this during the weeks I know we don’t have that much of work at the office, like summer!

  • Turn your cell phone off and leave it in a different room.
This simple strategy will avoid you from dividing your attention on not so important things.
We all are stuck with our phones now-a-days. Social media such as Twitter and Whatsapp are time consuming and they can be determining factors to why you aren’t that productive in the mornings. Your messages and notifications can wait for you; enjoy real life and face-to-face interaction with people. Not being attached to your phone 24/7 won’t be as bad as you think.

  • Sit down and stand up regularly.
Sit straight up and stand up every now and then to breathe better and let your brain have a better oxygenation which will help you to concentrate way much better.
Your body needs to move! Try to stand up and look away from your computer every 20 minutes and you’ll feel much better. You won’t have to deal with a sore back nor tired eyes; it will be god for both your health and productiveness.

  • Work in a fresh area.
Keeping the temperature a bit cool will increase the focus of your mind and body.
We all know it’s annoying to work in a place where you are just melting and craving for a cold drink but it’s also uncomfortable to work in a place where you feel freezing. Go for a cool weather you feel comfortable with and feeling comfortable will help you to work with more enthusiasm.

  • Eat healthy.
Eat easy, healthy and nutritious food. Don’t forget to drink 8 glasses of water per day.
I’m not saying you should go all vegan and avoid junk food (I can’t do it myself, trust me I’ve tried!). I’m the kind of girl who is eating almost all day long until 4:00 pm so I look for healthy snacks that keep my stomach full but also feeds my system with good things. Carrots, sliced fruits or cucumbers are really good options because you can make them fun! Add lemon, salt and some chilli and you have a really yummy, fresh and healthy snack to entertain your stomach until lunch time.

  • Develop a pre-activities routine to star your day.
You should have a routine right after waking up, think about it as a ritual you follow to improve your days. These little routines send signs to your brain to let it know it’s time to start. It can also help to get over motivation blocks and start doing things, even if you don’t feel like doing them.
I’m queen of running late in the mornings so I’m working hard on getting this point part of my life; I’ve started with simple things such as drinking a cup of green tea before getting in the shower, washing my face with the right products for my skin type and having my outfit out and ready before doing all of above, sometimes I even choose it the night before but if I’m not in the mood, I’ll just pick the first things I see (oops!).

I hope this blog post helped you! If you have any more suggestions to have better morning and therefore days, don’t doubt to leave a comment down below.



  1. These tips are quite handy! I love the "leave the phone" part. Indeed social media and whatsapp can be quite time consuming and exhausting at times!


    1. Hi! I'm glad you found the tips useful.

      I know how time consuming social media apps are! I'm really trying to limit how much I use them because I really spend lots of time virtually interacting with people lol

      Thanks for your comment!! xx


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