Healthy lifestyle = Healthy skin

We all know people say we are what we eat, and it's true; our lifestyle defines a lot of how we look physically, so if you have bad habits, those will be reflected on your health and body.

If you want a beautiful skin,you need to begin with a healthy lifestyle.Some basics on skin care include eating the right food, drinking water, working out, sleeping enough, using sunscreen, not smoking and limiting your intake of alcohol and caffeine.

[ Eating Habits ]

Everything starts with good nutrition; to afford it you must eat at least five servings of fresh fruits and veggies. We should always look for the "ACE" vitamins: A to help prevent aging, C to promote clarity, and E to protect against the environment. I suggest taking your vitamins in food rather than in pill form. When eating, you won't get single, isolated nutrients.

Fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains that provide fiber also naturally deliver vitamins and minerals and are low in calories. Diet has a direct impact on not only your health and how you feel but also on how you look. Since our bodies are 80% water, it is important to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, eat foods with high water content and limit the intake of coffee and drinks containing caffeine, because it blocks the vitamins and minerals absorption.

[ Exercise ]

This is a skincare essential. When your heart rate raises through vigorous exercise, the blood flow increases bringing more oxygen to the skin while cleansing impurities from the body through sweat. 20 to 30 minutes of exercise a day is enough to help boost your immune system, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, strengthen your heart, build stronger bones, increase your energy level, and improve your mood.

[ Sleep ]

The time when the body's cells have a chance to repair and regenerate is while we sleep, that's why it is very important to get 8 hours of sleep every night. Sleep deprivation stresses all of the body's systems, including the skin, and can result in headaches, irritability, lack of energy, or the inability to focus.

[ Sun ]

Excess sun exposure is skin's number-one enemy. It causes premature aging and hyper-pigmentation; worse than that, over exposure can often cause deadly forms of skin cancer. To prevent any of this situations it is important to always protect your skin from the sun by wearing a  broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 in the winter and 30 in the summer. Don't forget to re-apply it after getting in the pool when you're on holidays and every three hours when you're in the city.

[ Smoking ]

Smoking, just like sun, causes the skin to age prematurely, it is because nicotine in the cigarets impairs the blood vessels that provide the skin with both oxygen and nutrients and rid the skin of impurities. (Pst, it also makes your hair and clothes smell awful.)

[ Alcohol ]

Some skin problems can be caused by excessive alcohol intake because it can cause allergic reactions, such as hives and rashes. Some people have allergic reactions to salicylates, which occur in foods as berries, bananas, beans, grapes, and wine. If a rash appears after you eat these foods, it is likely that beer and wine will also cause breakouts.

[ Stress ]

Stress often shows up on the skin. Stress-related hormonal fluctuations can cause adult acne and other skin problems. If you have healthy eating and exercising habits you'll help your body to combat the symptoms pf anxiety and stress. Finding mechanisms and ways to keep your body and mind relaxed will also help your mood and the way you face life day by day.

[ Extra tips! ]

  1. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day will help flush out toxins and keep all skin types clear.
  2. Drink one glass of water each time you have a beverage that contains alcohol or caffeine.
  3. Keep these healthy foods on hand for satisfying between-meal snacking:

    • Almonds
    • Plain, low-fat yogurt
    • String cheese
    • Chocolate protein powder
    • Protein bars
    • Low-fat ricotta cheese with a dash of vanilla
    • Hard-boiled eggs
    • Water with a bit of unsweetened cranberry extract or lemon juice


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