Youtube fever

Fashion and beauty vlogs on YouTube alter consumer behavior in teenagers who are exposed to this type of content. 
Why vlogs? It is a term that comes from the combination of words and video blog, form of communication that offers the quintessential site youtube.com, the great monopoly of the new audiovisual media thanks to Web 2.0, in which consumers are also , creators of the content that can be accessed on this platform. 
It is worth noting that blogs emerged originally as a personal communication space in which some psychosocial needs as the interaction between subjects and sought to maintain some “feedback” through the construction of an alter ego. 
“The weblog is a personal medium initially that works without editors without limits, that has no profit motive and you write, in general, for the pleasure of sharing information or as a vehicle of expression.” 
What we can find mainly in this form of communication from the Web 2.0 reflects a personal opinion in a multimedia format, information exchange between subjects, socializing capacity of the shared space, and ease of use of the tool. 
They are new forms and models based on collaboration and participation of recipients where the main focus is on users and content, not programming as in traditional media. There is a great need to share a knowledge and with it achieve the integration of the subject, which is creating the content in a creative expression in a social network; and the search for a digital identity within the group they are looking to belong. 

Vlogs and MKT
The vloggers, or colloquially said, people who are facing cameras on the videos to which you have access through the site youtube.com, are part of the new marketing strategies for global brands because they are leaders within their small or large niche audience and generate a large influence on the behavior and attitudes of their followers because, usually, it’s people who are in search of acceptance and belonging. 
“The brand is positioned at different blogs in different conversations depending on their different products and therefore to different audiences.” 
Thus generated currents of opinion to lead the online conversation and opinions on certain matters. Something that trademarks must be present at all times when planning your marketing and advertising is that the audience is in some media sectors, reaching them through traditional media is pure fallacy; so it is necessary to implement innovative multimedia strategies for capturing the attention of the audience to which you want to reach. 
When brands are integrated into the vlogs achieve the humanization of the company, which they can be of great help in times of crisis; especially now that the younger generations have changed their lifestyle, have little free time, establish a close relationship with new technology, seeing it as an extension of themselves, and are part of virtual communities as socializing space where establish different types of relationships. 
Josep Alet says that only 10% of the “new products” placed on the market are really new, since most are evolutions of existing products. It also mentions that there is a communication revolution from the perspective of the individual, “individuals who generate content and affecting products and services that set new constructive dialogues consumers / businesses and find new qualities that allow for products” .


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