Stereotypes: Labels, labels and more labels

Fashion, and life in general is full of stereotypes.
Since we are born we have to fit a specific square, for example, girls wear pink, boys wear blue. But, why do we always have to fit those squares society has built? Well, the answer is really simple. We all want to belong to a group, tthat’s why we try to fit that square. Instead, we should be able to be ourselves without having to deal with rumors and comments from other people. I actually think that if we all are different physically and intellectually, we should be able to dress the way we want and like, not how fashion designers say we have to. What I meaan is, yes I love fashion and clothes, but not everything is made for everyone. So, no matter how we are, our clothes should define a little about our personality. Only that way, we can tell the world who we are, what we like and most important, how we see life.

Unfortunately, things aren’t that easy, we are all surrounded by a lot of stereoytpes and labels for every single personality and style. Fashion is relative, even a lack of a fashion statement is a statement in itself. So why does how we look communicate such a powerful message to other about who we are? The answer is found in stereotypes themselves. We’ve learned through experience and cultural lessons that people who look a certain way are more or less likely to behave certain ways. The emotional and gut-reaction judgment isn’t something that we can often control, despite any amount of education to it’s inaccuracy.
Being aware of the inevitability of being stereotyped gives you power. When you find yourself thinking negatively about someone who looks “weird” or different than you, stop to ask ourself why. You are who you choose to be. If you are the brave sort, dress up in a manner that is stereotyped differently from the way you usually dress, preferably one that is more stigmatized and a minority, and walk around in those shoes for a while. You might be surprised at how differently you’re treated.


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