Favorite toner.

Through my teenage days I tried a lot of toners becuase my skin used to be very dry and some of them would make me have acne :(

Today on my early 20’s, I’ve found a toner that works PERFECTLY for my skin, the bottle lasts about 4 months and is very affordable. This product is the Nutriganics Refreshing Toner by The Body Shop.
What I like about this product is how it smells, I find it very nice and relaxing, it’s a scent that helps me sleep like a baby.
It leaves a very fresh skin and it feels completely fresh, it’s like if you applied a tea infusion; it DOESN’T leave a dry skin, in my own personal experience, it makes my skin feels with a great moisturized feeling that most of the times I don’t need to use lots of moisturizer at the end of my skin care routine.
If you’re gonna try it, I recommend you to open the bottle at the shop before purchasing it, because some people can’t stand this product’s scent.


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