Where do you purchase your makeup?

Okaaay! Let’s get started with today’s answer.

I’ll be very honest about my makeup purchase habits because I’m not one of those people who has a bank account with loooooooots of zero’s at their saved amount of money lol, I’m just an unemployed (sad, I know) young woman who just finished college and still gets money from her parents and older brother (YAY for spoiling bros) so I got be very cautious on how I spend my money and don’t be broken before the time to get more money comes. I’ve always been someone who saves money to get those stuff I die for! So the same comes with makeup and tools. The things I invest the most are my brushes and false eyelashes, so I would buy those at Sephora or M.A.C.

When it comes to foundation, concealer, powder and mascara I usually go to those products you can find either at a drugstore or at Wal-Mart that are affordable and work really well. My eyeshadows have all been gifts from birthday, graduation, Christmas or just a random gift my mom gave to me, which again aren’t the most professional products but they do their job just PERFECTLY!
So, I guess this is everything for today, I can’t believe how fast the month is going! The challenge ends in 9 days and that means Halloween and Christmas shopping is coming really SOON and that excites me so so so much because those are like the best celebrations of year after my birthday of course LOL.


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