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Organization is essential when it comes to makeup. There’s the need of keeping it in the best conditions possible, you may ask why (or maybe not), the answer is really simple, you wear your makeup products on your face and it’s one of the most delicate parts of your body and it’s shown to everyone around you.
In this post, I’ll list some must haves for each makeup kit every woman should have, none is more important than the other and you can add or delete products according to your own makeup routine and preferences.

It doesn’t matter if you organize your makeup in your bathroom drawer, or on the top of your counter, or in a box. It’s important to keep your basics and items used only occasionally separate and make sure your colors and formulas are still working at least twice a year. In this kit, basics include the next products:

It’s just about packing the essentials for reapplying makeup in a small bag that easily fits in your purse. Make sure it includes the followin items:

Those tiny purses we usually use for going out to a party don’t let themselves to carry around lots of products, that’s why you need to be very selective. Pack the following products:

It’s really worth investing in duplicates of your makeup to keep in your office to refreshen up before a big meeting. These are the items you shoould keep in there:

After workout routine it’s important to clean your face and start your makeup from scratch. Bring the following products to the gym with you:

Keep your travel kit packed at all times so you never have to worry about arriving somewhere only to realize you’ve left something important at home. Purchase mini brushes, mascara, and a small eye palette. Pack the following items in your makeup bag:

[ TIP ]
Collect deluxe samples from makeup counters, they're very useful for a traveling makeup kit.


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