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YouTube is home to a number of self-proclaimed “gurus” beauty with sweet voices, fresh faces and a basic knowledge of makeup and clothes. Teens around the world rely on them for advice affordable fashion. 
“The Internet has conquered YouTube phenomenon to such an extent that both adolescents and adult women, are regularly watching YouTube videos of other women talking about her past beauty habits. With the help of video cameras and the simple click of a button, users can directly upload videos and submit for what could be millions of viewers, the latest beauty tips and gossip. At the same time, these videos can have an effect on the spectators and his thoughts on body image “.
I’ve followed YouTube beauty gurus for years and have always admired the way they have turned their passion into a career, especially at such a young age. These girls spend hours in the development, filming and editing videos, only to send them to an area where objects are getting very hard and nasty reviews from insulting his voice, his appearance and personality, among others. These are girls who want to navigate their way through a culture in which everything they do, say or worry is ridiculed. 
In young beauty gurus on YouTube, the followers are girls “like them” who are succeeding only through its own merits. Unfortunately, the beauty community on YouTube is not free from defects. Most of the girls are white, attractive and come from very rich environments. That is why it is wrong to teach adolescents that these gurus are equal to them, because sometimes coincide, sometimes not.
While the most successful gurus usually associated with global companies and retailers, these consumerist influences were not what inspired the girls to make their videos. They started making these videos by sheer love of beauty and fashion, not passive submission to social norms. Instead, they are now able to use the beauty industry to their advantage and play an active role within it.

Magazines vs. YouTube
“When it comes to fashion, it’s all about trends. And the latest trend in fashion magazines is an annoying tendency to promote products with higher prices, rather than report on the most popular styles “.
Most girls do not have enough money to spend searching for the latest model in “Fashion Week.” Therefore, in times of crisis, what is what a teen XXI century ago? Resorting to the internet! These gurus can not have the same knowledge of fashion in depth as the experts of the magazine VOGUE, but they know how to shop for cute and relatively inexpensive to purchase clothes that girls in the world can take on the day.
Call it the celebrity effect. There’s something about putting a person in front of the camera, which automatically makes all these people perform seem desirable or entertaining. 
In the YouTube world, it is more identified with the person, a celebrity. Spotting a “normal girl” talk on the Internet about your favorite makeup to buy at the pharmacy, it’s humanizing to have a magazine that tells you to buy an eyeliner $ 300 because it is where all the models are wearing on the runways .
YouTube provides the freedom to find someone who is like you. Icons of style magazines, do not even cover the beginning of the wide range of personalities and preferences adolescents. 
Browse YouTube offers girls the option of taking inspiration from multiple channels and develop their own style. It also serves informational bridge style foreign magazines are hard to find in Mexico, but the beauty gurus are just a click away. It is interesting to see what’s popular in other countries, because you never know what international niche to appeal to your own style.


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