Goodbye stereotypes and labels

Expensive clothes, stereotyping, prejudice, and elitism OMG! You may have been trapped in a fashion you didn’t hear about once it was made mainstream, or got pinned a label you didn’t hear about. If you wear black, skinny jeans, you may have been assumed to be depressed. If you have expensive polo shirts, you may have been assumed to be arrogant. Read on ig you want to be a label-dodger.


1. Burst your confortable clique-bubble. Talk to the so-called preps, jocks, emos, nerds, chaves and stoners. If it’s a dangerous clique, meet individual friends to gain the trust of a large part of it.
Remember that people in your clique may not like you anymore. This is an obvious way to find out who’s been true friends. If your phony friends betray you this way, it should still be easy to talk to themm, thus making more real friends.
2. Stop ostracizing other fashions. You can merge fashions to wear and save money this way too! If you are so-called preppy, go into a thrift store, or alternative stores like Hot Topic. If you’re more alternativa, it won’t hurt to go into an Old Navy or Hollister.
This doesn’t mean you need to get the clothes at the store. You may be anti-sweapshop, or vegan so stay in your moral beliefs.
Remember that weating neutral clothes will quickly burst your unnecessary labels.
3. Be confident and talk to them exactly why they want to harass you if you are still being labeled.
Don’t take this as being able to act mean and insulting them back. If they let off on the harassment, talk to them more.
4. Be happy and show good-will towards everyone. With this neutral label and you can make some of the most faithful friends.
5. Dont label or stereotype other kids, even if they are obviously a pure emo, prep, or anything else. Since you are neutral, you shouldn’t even pick a side of elitism in a label. You can be against arrogance and depression but don’t just conclude that someone is going to act so just by judging their music taste or clothing style.


  • Always remember to be yourself and stick to what you believe in.
  • For unspecified reasons, the meaner-spirited may still want to persecute you, for being the unspecified adjective weird. They may stereotypically call you a cutter ora phone zombie. You can usually brush these off easily.
  • Be happy you’re out of the system. This is pure non-conformity. Take advantage in being the impartial mediator between the specific warning subcultures.
  • Amusingly, many blended fasshions make sub-labels. Brush these off like flies, they are about thaat useful.


  • You may lose friends who are fashion elitists.
  • Since you will talk to less popular kids now, the elite populars will most likely reject you, for the sake of their egos.
  • Now that you don’t have a label, people may be confused and just call you “weird”. But if you respect the new people who talk to you, this will quickly bust the unwanted image.

Hope you all liked it, leave your comments please.


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