Being a blogger and having a full time job

Maintaining a blog when you have a work full time is a struggle. When blogging is a hobby it can actually be kind of difficult to fit it in around everyday life, whether that be work, school, uni, or actually having a social life. Some others do it to get the perks of being a blogger: being invited to events, getting free stuff and meeting cool people, and they really put a lot of work in it. Blogging does take time and I have a few tips for managing your time and being a blogger when you have a full time job.

Utilise your free time

Jotting down ideas for blog posts at any time will make it easier when you do get the time to sit and write and you won’t find yourself staring at a blank screen so much.

Keep notes

They can be a huge help in the future. Inspiration can be taken from anywhere –just make sure you remember it.

Take photos in bulk

Photograph as many products as you can. This means when it comes to writing up blog posts, the hard part will be done beforehand and all you have to do is write. It’s also a good idea to have a folder in your computer full of these product photos –for blogger’s block.

Write. write, write

Writing posts in bulk can be a good idea too. Some are spur of the moment posts and are best written and published straight away, but other posts can be pre-written and published later. Do this only when you’re really in the mood to write, don’t force yourself or things can go the wrong way.

Decide what your idea of "success" is

When you’re starting your blog, or developing your existing blog, it may be a good idea to know what you want from your blog and why you’re doing it; this will help you know how to do things to accomplish your goals.

Take the pressure off

Your blog sometimes does have to come second to certain things. Blogging when you’re able to do it will get your posts to being better as you will only write when you’re in the mood to do so and about the topics you want.


If you don’t love blogging, there’s no point. Running a blog cam take a lot off your free time and if you don’t enjoy it, then that’s a lot of time wasted and your readers will notice it.



Avoid Blogging Overwhelm

We all have experienced blogging overwhelm once in a while. I myself can struggle with moments like this every two weeks due to all the stuff I have in my plate right now but still I love blogging and writing all my content.
I have a few tricks to avoid this feeling.

Work with someone / a mastermind group

People like a blogging BFF, Facebook group community, Twitter chats or a coach will help you get clarify and stay focused.It's so easy to stay in a bubble as a blogger, stressing ourselves out as we consume more and more content, but building relationships with others in our industry will help us to see clearer and work more effectively towards our goals, whether they're personal or blog/biz related.

Use "Save it for later" (SIFL) features

Auditing and categorizing with tools such as Pocket, Bloglovin', Pinterest and Twitter. SIFL feautures will make the world of difference. Make it a monthly or quartely task on your list to go through all of these and delete them if you've not found time to read or try it, chance are you'd probably forgotten all about it and aren't that bothered after all.

Get specific and purposeful

Being purposeful at all times will get you miles ahead as a blogger - it will enable you to create awesome content exactly for your ideal reader, it will help you with your self development and it will prevent any sort of blogger's block.

Look for content variation

It's easy to fall in love with a blog and want to connect with the blogger on every platform but this could be one of the main reasons you feel overwhelmed when you scroll through your feeds. Always be looking for that "something different" with everyone you follow; no blogger would expect you to follow them on every platform, decide who you will follow and where you will do it.

Find what you enjoy the most

Never feel like you have to follow any trends or that anyone is forcing you to monetize or  not monetize or not to. Do whatever it takes to keep your passion for the blog you started exactly for that reason. If you're feeling overwhelmed, don't make yourself read or watch anything about a direction you don't wish to head in.

Change your methods

If you're a digital diva, why not switch it up to good old-fashioned pen & paper? If you usually write everything down, why not try a digital tool that will make your processes much simpler? Refreshing your methods can make things funnier and more interesting, taking away any overwhelm.

Do the opposite

Avoiding overwhelm is about two things:

  • Bringing back the enjoyment in what you're doing.
  • Creating systems and organization techniques that work for you.
Re-evaluate your systems every time things get a little too much. We need to remember why we started and embrace the way we're headed but without comprising our own beliefs and goals along the way.
We have our own learning journeys ahead of us.

Do you have any tricks to avoid the blog overwhelm? Share them in the comments :)



How life changes after college

When I was about to finish college I thought everything would be as easy as they were when I was a student. We were asked to plan our path to our dream job and present it to the class and I was expecting to reach my goals in one year; now that I’ve been out of school for a year and a half I realize how wrong I was: being an adult isn’t wonderland nor is everything a piece of cake.

Maybe I was one of the few people who are lucky (or have the qualifications) to get a job just two months after graduating; it wasn’t the fancy job I was dreaming about but it has been an amazing opportunity to grow as a person and a professional and it’s been one of the best experiences I’ve had in the last 5 years; I’ve been able to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds and I have learned a lot from everyone.

Being an adult isn’t that bad after all. Earning my own money while working in something I love is the most satisfying thing that has happened to me after college; I’m now able to buy those things I like but my dad wasn’t able to get them because there were other priorities at home. I also find satisfying the fact that I can say I’m responsible of myself.

College was a really good moment in my life; I had lots of fun, found my passion and made a few friends, and others that weren’t that good, but its part of human relationships after all.

Life after college is the most exciting adventure you get to live as a young person; it’s your chance to live the life you dream of and get where you want to be. It’s all about experimenting and finding out what works the best for you.

Remember; the only limit is the sky!

Have you finished college or are you about to do so? How has your experience been?



Winter Fashion Wishlist

We are starting the coldest months of winter and warm clothes and footwear are a most. Today I  did something a bit different from the stuff I've been doing throughout my blogging journey...
Here's a brief list of fashion items that I would like to buy for these cold months.


I love cardigans because they're not only warm and cosy, they can make an outfit look completely different and are really comfortable pieces to wear.


Blazers are my to go items to turn a casual outfit into something more formal to go to the office; I have them in different styles and colours but I need to get a few basic ones as well.


Tops are the most basic items I own. I love them because they go with absolutely everything and that let's me wear them no matter what the dress code is for any occasion. I pair them with jeans on the weekends or with more formal trousers / skirts for the working days.


Jeans are a must have in every girl's wardrobe. I've loved jeans since I was a teenager and still can't get enough of them. I would wear them all day - everyday but I unfortunately am unable to do it at the office; the definitely are my most worn clothing pieces during the holidays.


Dresses are life changing clothes in my opinion because you can wear them all year long and it's all about what you pair them with. They're also my go-to for those days when I'm too lazy to put an outfit together.


Oh shoes! Who doesn't love them? I not only love shoes in general but boots are one of my weakness; I found this cool site called Pixie Footwear and fell in love with practically all the models they have to offer but the ones that absolutely got my heart, are the ones on the picture above. Boots are perfect for this season because they keep your feet beyond warm and it's better when you have cute or really cool pairs of boots to wear during fall and winter (I should say that I sometimes wear them in spring pairing them with dresses or skirts)

What's in your wishlist for the first months of 2016?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.



2016 goals

First of all I would like to wish you all a very happy new year, full of success and amazing stories to remember. As a new year comes by, we all start thinking about what we want to achieve in the coming year.
I’m pretty sure 2016 will be a really good year for me, I have plenty of plans and goals I want to achieve in the next 12 months. Today I wanted to share a few of my 2016 goals with all of you.

  • Improve my blogging skills and schedule.
  • Save money to get my own apartment.
  • Earn more money / Get a better job.
  • Start a business related to photography.
  • Eat healthier that I’ve been eating for the last months.
  • Drink less coffee and drink more green tea.
  • Learn something new related to art or entrepreneurship.
  • Travel somewhere in the US (maybe LA or Florida).
  • Buy a much needed new laptop.
  • Grow my eye makeup brushes collection.

So, these are a few goals I’ve set up to start the year and I’ll be adding more to the list throughout 2016.

Why don’t you share some of the goals you’ve set up for this new year in the comments below?

Cheers for an amazing 2016!

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